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Welcome to the Prince William County Public Schools portal for online Specialty Program applications. When completing an application for your student, please note that a separate application must be submitted for each student. All PWCS specialty programs are geographically zoned. Students may submit applications for 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice programs in their zoned areas. Duplicate applications for the same choice program will be eliminated- the more recent submission will be kept. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.

All applications will be processed electronically. All requests will be checked for accuracy. Any falsification of information may result in your application not being processed and/or denied. 

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STARTALK Gateways Summer Camp Program:

STARTALK Gateways: Connections to My Future through Arabic and Russian is a 2023 Summer Camp Program to explore either of these two essential languages, which are in high demand in the workforce in our region of Northern Virginia.

Students selected will learn basic Arabic or Russian through the themes of personal and school connections, community connections, interdisciplinary connections, and career connections. Through pre-camp, 3-week in-person summer camp, and post-camp activities, students will also be introduced to the Arabic and Russian-speaking peoples and their cultures throughout the globe and to the new opportunities and future possibilities learning these languages can offer in their career pathways and in their lives in general.

Classes will integrate using Arabic and Russian vocabulary and basic language phrases and cross-cultural products, practices, and perspectives while engaging students in interdisciplinary projects, field trips, and activities. Examples include virtual tours of places where the languages are spoken and cultural exposure and exploration through art, food, music, and other entertainment.

While focusing on the two languages and cultures of the Arabic and Russian-speaking worlds, the broader goal is the emphasis on the value added by being bi-or multi-lingual.

Any student who is in grades 7-11 for the 2022-23 school year and is interested in beginning to study Arabic and Russian, primarily through an enrichment, non-credit novice experience, is invited to apply.

In-Person Available Specialty Programs:

Prince William County offers three types of Specialty Programs:

Transfer Programs - Students who apply to and are accepted into transfer programs will attend the program school full time. Students who enter these programs are considered full time students in that school.

Transport Programs - Student who apply to and are accepted into transport programs attend the program for part of the day and attend their base school for the other part of the day.

Site-Based Programs - Site-based programs are located at a student’s base school. Students may not transfer for a site-based program if one exists in their school.

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